Saturday October 19, 2019

Todd Dutiaume and Bari McKenzie

Earlier this week the return of Dumfries born forward Bari McKenzie to the Flyers was announced. It was one that went down well with Flyers fans and a signing head coach Todd Dutiaume was pleased to get the deal finalised.

McKenzie enters his 2nd season in Kirkcaldy and his 11th consecutive season in the Elite Ice Hockey League having played in over 500 EIHL games, achieving that milestone last season in Flyers 4-3 victory over MK Lightning on 2nd January.

Speaking back in January about reaching a half century of EIHL games he said “Honestly it really doesn’t feel like 500 games!” began the forward.

“I can remember my first game like yesterday, and that’s one of the scariest things about it! I want to keep playing for as long as possible, and unfortunately hockey careers are quite short careers, but it doesn’t feel like this long already. I try to just make the most of it and see how long I can keep going for.”

Bari McKenzie was a name that likely would have come on to Flyers fans, and certainly head coach Todd Dutiaume's, radar back in the 2006/07 SNL season when he iced with the Solway Sharks, spending 2 further seasons with the Sharks and scoring 220 points in only 101 games.

McKenzie brings a wealth of experience to the dressing room and with that has been a role model for young British players whom he has trained and ice with, something Todd Dutiaume said was a big part of the role Bari brings to Fife.

"Bari has been a crucial piece in helping us mentor any young talent we had with us during the course of last season and moving forward. He has played at the highest level here in the UK for a number of years and has a grasp on how to not only maintain his body to be capable of playing at the top as well as the sacrifices it takes to make it to this position.

"A big part of his role here is to assist our young players with bridging the gap or leap up from the amateur to professional. He understands this and fully embraces this responsibility."

In the dressing room Bari is a guy who stands up and makes his presence known Dutiaume shared "Bari likes to be heard. I feel that he does display the work ethic required to be a Fife Flyer as well as his engagement with our fan base."

Last season the Scottish forward was used in all situations and was a player who could be depended upon to play in all situations that were asked of him. McKenzie tallied 6 goals and 6 assists across challenge cup and league games, his highest goals production season since 2014/15 when he iced under Jeff Hutchins at the Dundee Stars.

At 32 years of age McKenzie still has a lot to offer and Dutiaume shared that Bari will be expected to push himself even more for the season ahead. "Bari needs to push himself harder than he's ever pushed himself before. Not only to maintain his current standing in the team but also as setting the example we expect all of our players to adhere to.

"Every player in this team will be asked to push themselves harder than they ever have before and Bari is no exception. We all look forward to seeing what Baz has in store for us this year."


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Sheffield Steelers Sheffield 8 10
Cardiff Devils Cardiff 4 6
Fife Flyers Fife 6 6
Sheffield Steelers Sheffield 7 8
Guilford Flames Guildford 7 6
Coventry Blaze Coventry 6 6
Nottingham Panthers Nottingham 7 5
Dundee Stars Dundee 6 5
Belfast Giants Belfast 3 5
Manchester Manchester 7 4
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