Flyers Match Night Programme 2023-24

This season, we are introducing a new format of the Flyers Match Night Programme. As many of you will remember we surveyed fans, early last season, for your thoughts on the Flyers programme.

On the whole the majority of the feedback received was that we were doing a good job and that you liked what was being provided.

So why change?

We are looking to blend information across all of our platforms and like almost every aspect of life we find ourselves in a digitally dominated age.

We want to make greater use of some of our digital channels such as our website which will allow us to communicate information on a more timely basis and have this broadcast through our social media platforms. Much of the content found in last season’s programme, player interviews and game stats etc will be provided online and we plan to bring you a weekly update from the coach on the eve of each weekend which, without the need to have the information days in advance to allow for printing, will be more timely than before.

In the new fold out format of programme we are trying to find the balance between traditional and digital content whilst also introducing a new element for our younger fans who may be interested in collecting the poster series we have planned. We’ve also dropped the price to reflect the change in content.

We will monitor reaction to this new offering and determine as the season progresses how the change in approach is being received by you the fans.

Programmes will be available for all of the preseason games as well as regular season league and cup games.

If anyone is interested in a receiving these on a subscription basis then please contact the club at commercial@fifeflyers.co.uk for more details.

We thank you in advance for your support.


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