Club Statement

Directors’ Statement – 12 May 2023

To Flyers’ Fans, Season Ticket Holders, and Sponsors;

We want to thank you for your support through a difficult 2022-23 season.  It is the support from all of you that drives the club, both financially and in morale.  Having a group of passionate fans at the rink each weekend is what makes Fife a desirable team for players.

As many of you may have already seen, yesterday we announced our season ticket information for next season.  We are empathetic that this is a difficult time financially for many of our fans, which is why we chose to release this information now and give you time to make a decision on this investment to our Club.  You likely have also noticed an increase in the prices of season tickets.  This is the first increase in over 2 seasons, which was a necessary decision for us to make to combat the rising costs of running a hockey club, including gas and electricity price hikes, visa cost increases, flight cost increases, equipment cost increases, and more.  All of these expenses we know are crucial to ensure we have a strong, competitive club next season. 

We know that many Flyers’ fans are looking to us for more information to be shared, and quickly.  We can assure you that there are vital conversations ongoing behind the scenes and once coaching staff and recruiting information is finalised, we will be sure to share it with all of you.  Our media team will stay active over the off-season and continue to share announcements as they come.  These volunteers are also actively working to enhance our 2023-24 match-night experience for the fans – another improvement we are making based on your feedback. 

Along with the release of our season ticket packages, we have new, revitalised sponsorship opportunities that will provide companies the chance to get behind the team, and a new-look website that we hope will be a more current and user-friendly way for you to find important Flyers’ updates. 

We now look to you for your continued support and understanding while we work to build a competitive on-ice product for next season.  More information and regular updates to come from us in the near future. 

– Tom Muir & Jack Wishart