Tuesday August 20, 2019
  Coaching Staff Staff
    Todd Dutiaume Head Coach Winnipeg, CAN
    Jeff Hutchins Assistant Coach Toronto, CAN
  Netminders Home Warm-Up Sponsor Away Warm-Up Sponsor Home Sponsor Away Sponsor
  1 Adam Morrison Edmonton, CAN 9.2.1991        
  35 Andy Little Paisley, SCO 7.9.1997        
  Defence Home Warm-Up Sponsor Away Warm-Up Sponsor Home Sponsor Away Sponsor
  5 James Isaacs Victoria, CAN 29.91989  Bryan Gray      
  6 Scott Aarssen St Catherines, CAN 10.5.1988 Andy Gunn      
  14 Sam Jones Birmingham, England 11.11.1997 Crawford Family      Sponsored
  18 Michal Gutwald Slany, CZE 17.6.1993 Vicki Cunningham      
  20 Dylan Quaile Toronto, CAN 12.11.1988        
  44 Jonas Emmerdahl Stockholm, SWE 23.2.1992        
  Forwards Home Warm-Up Sponsor Away Warm-Up Sponsor Home Sponsor Away Sponsor
  9 Bari McKenzie Dumfries, Scotland 16.8.1986 Helen Liddell  Joshua Guild DizzyFish  
  13 Mike Cazzola Guelph, CAN 8.3.1991 Lisa Robertson Dance Vicki Bell's Short Bark & Sides    
  26 James Livingston Halifax, CAN 8.3.1990 McDougall.design      
  34 Jordan Buesa Troon, Scotland 30.3.2000 Giraphics Graeme Rougvie    
  37 Chad Smith Kirkcaldy, Scotland 18.3.1999 Tanya Harris   The Barber Collective  
  40 Carlo Finucci Burnaby, CAN 21.2.1987 Mark Hadden Decorators Ben Young   Amanda Liddell
  73 Kyle Just Arnprior, CAN 17.1.1991        
  78 Danick Gauthier Waterloo, CAN 24.10.1991 Laura McIntosh Mandy Hadden    
  80 Paul Crowder Victoria, CAN 12.2.1985 Diane Cakehaus Gemma   Vicki Bell’s Short Bark & Sides
  90 Tim Crowder Victoria, CAN 16.10.1986  Hockey Laura  Demi    
  91 Chase Schaber Red Deer, CAN 3.1.1991 Sally Wishart Giraphics   Vicki Bell’s Short Bark & Sides

Elite Ice Hockey League

The Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) is a professional ice hockey league in the United Kingdom formed in 2003. The league currently consists of 10 teams, with Belfast (NIR), Cardiff (WAL), Coventry (ENG), Dundee (SCO), Fife (SCO), Glasgow (SCO), Guildford (ENG), Manchester (ENG), Nottingham (ENG) and Sheffield (ENG).

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About Flyers

The Fife Flyers, established in 1938, are the oldest professional ice hockey team in the United Kingdom. The team has a history of success through the ages, with over 60 Scottish and British cups and titles to their name.

Fife Ice Arena, Rosslyn Street
Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, KY1 3HS 

Phone: 01592568702
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Web: fifeflyers.co.uk

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