Wednesday December 12, 2018

Shane Owen Named EIHL Player of the Week

Fife Flyers netminder Shane Owen has been named the Elite League Player of the Week for week ending 23rd September 2018.

The goalie conceded only five goals from an incredible 148 shot count over three games as the Kirkcaldy side won in all of them.

And Owen admits it’s probably the highest number he’s ever faced over such a spell and l praised his team-mates too.

“It’s probably the most amount of shots I’ve ever faced over three games, but I thought our defence and forwards did a great job of boxing it out, keeping it simple for me,” he said.

“A lot of it was from the outside and I was seeing the puck well all week. I got into a little groove and felt I had a solid week.

“We did have some luck on our side on Saturday and I think there were a couple of goals called off and it hit the post once or twice too.

“That’s hockey, but it gave our group some confidence and it was what we needed to move ourselves forward.”

Flyers’ week began with a 4-1 win over Guildford Flames that saw Owen make 50 saves from 51 shots.

The 28-year-old saved 45 out of 47 when Fife hosted Belfast on Saturday before stopping 48 out of 50 at the Giants in Sunday’s fixture.

It’s the third time he’s won the award, having taken it twice during the 2016/17 season in his first spell in Kirkcaldy.

But Owen also picked up man of the match in each game this week and while he wouldn’t mind a quieter night, he does enjoy being kept busy.

He added: “I wouldn’t mind it being a bit quieter, but as a goalie, it’s nice to be involved. Facing 50 shots is quite a lot, but even here and there, it keeps you on your toes.

“I’ve always thought I play better the more shots I face and it worked out well for us this week.

“A huge factor is concentration as a goalie, confidence and you have to always be prepared for every game and every shot, taking it one at a time and the rest will take care of itself.”


Belfast Giants Belfast 26 40
Nottingham Panthers Nottingham 28 37
Cardiff Devils Cardiff 24 36
Fife Flyers Fife 26 32
Guilford Flames Guildford 24 27
Sheffield Steelers Sheffield 26 26
Dundee Stars Dundee 25 24
Glasgow Clan Glasgow 23 23
Manchester Manchester 25 23
Coventry Blaze Coventry 24 23
MK Lightning MK 24 16
  2018/19 Standings  

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The Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) is a professional ice hockey league in the United Kingdom formed in 2003. The league currently consists of 11 teams, with Braehead (SCO), Belfast (NIR), Cardiff (WAL), Coventry (ENG), Dundee (SCO), Fife (SCO), Guildford (ENG), Manchester (ENG), Milton Keynes (ENG), Nottingham (ENG) and Sheffield (ENG).

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