Sunday September 23, 2018

Fife Ice Arena

Please note that our postponed game vs Edinburgh Capitals, which was due to take place on Wednesday 28th February, will now take place on Tuesday 6th March.

The game was originally postponed due to the adverse weather conditions which swept across the country.

The March schedule is extremely busy for both the Flyers and Capitals and the only date that both teams have agreed is suitable for both parties, is Tuesday 6th March, 7.30pm Face Off.

Tickets from the 28th February game, will be automatically transferred to the Tuesday 6th March game. We appreciate that some fans have handed back their 28th Feb tickets in return for other March dates, however, if you have not swapped your tickets already, they will be automatically transferred to the new Tuesday 6th March fixture.

Just to confirm, our postponed 28th February game vs Edinburgh Capitals will now take place on:
Tuesday 6th March 2018, 7.30pm at Fife Ice Arena.


Nottingham Panthers Nottingham 6 8
Fife Flyers Fife 3 5
Sheffield Steelers Sheffield 4 4
Glasgow Clan Glasgow 2 4
Guilford Flames Guildford 2 2
Cardiff Devils Cardiff 1 2
MK Lightning MK 2 2
Coventry Blaze Coventry 1 1
Belfast Giants Belfast 2 0
Dundee Stars Dundee 0 0
Manchester Manchester 3 0
  2018/19 Standings  

Elite Ice Hockey League

The Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) is a professional ice hockey league in the United Kingdom formed in 2003. The league currently consists of 12 teams, with Braehead (SCO), Belfast (NIR), Cardiff (WAL), Coventry (ENG), Dundee (SCO), Edinburgh (SCO), Fife (SCO), Guildford (ENG), Manchester (ENG), Milton Keynes (ENG), Nottingham (ENG) and Sheffield (ENG).

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About Flyers

The Fife Flyers, established in 1938, are the oldest professional ice hockey team in the United Kingdom. The team has a history of success through the ages, with over 60 Scottish and British cups and titles to their name.

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