Sunday February 17, 2019

Player: #50 Matt Nickerson

Game: Guildford Flames v Milton Keynes Lightning - 28/1/18

Incident: Match Penalty - Abuse of Officials

Match Penalty – Engaging with a Spectator

With the game concluding, an incident occurred in front of the Guildford Flames’ net.

With the original players that concluded the game still on the ice, Milton Keynes Lightning #50 Matt Nickerson left the players bench to enter the area of the incident.

Believing that the game is finished is not a reason for any player to leave the players bench to engage in a physical altercation, and Nickerson received two (2) Match penalties for his actions during the ensuing altercation.

Match Penalty 1 – Abuse of Official

At no time is a player allowed to skate at, intimidate or physical demean an opposing player whilst under the restraint of a game official.

Nickerson left the players bench to entertain a possible physical altercation with an opposing player. In his lengthy venture to engage an opponent, Nickerson did not follow instructions from the game officials, and physically broke free of the linesman to try to engage an opposing player on multiple occasions.

Considering Nickerson had no regard or respect for the game officials and left the players bench for the purpose of engaging in a physical altercation with an opposing player, supplementary discipline is required and the Elite League Department of Player Safety has suspended Matt Nickerson for 6 games for Abuse of Official.


Match Penalty 2 – Engaging with a Spectator

While leaving the playing surface, but still located on the ice, Nickerson takes his stick and moves it from his right hand to his left hand.

This is the start of an action that sets-up Nickerson for a physical motion with his right hand. It also is an indication that there is premeditated thought on Nickerson’s part to do something physical.

While stepping off the ice, with the gate directly to his right, Nickerson begins a winding up motion with his right arm. Unsuspecting to the fan who is located behind the gate, Nickerson delivers a forceful backhand punch directly to the head of the fan.

Fighting off the ice surface does not have the same rules as fighting on the ice surface; and hitting a fan off the ice surface is treated with an entirely different level of severity.

At no time is a player allowed to engage with a fan.

It is the responsibility of the player not to make physical contact with a fan.

In this case, Nickerson engaged and physical demeaned the fan of his own free will.

As a result of these actions, the Elite League Department of Player Safety has suspended Matt Nickerson for 14 games for Engaging with a Spectator.



  • Milton Keynes Lighting #50 Matt Nickerson is suspended for a total of 20 games.
  • Milton Keynes Lighting cannot dress another import player during Nickerson’s 6 game suspension for Abuse of Official.
  • Milton Keynes Lighting can dress another import player during Nickerson’s 14 game suspension for Engaging with a Spectator.


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